Part 13 – Intelligent Systems for Traceability and Compliance

Data capture is critical when you’re looking to drive continuous improvements in manufacturing, and it is equally crucial for regulatory compliance. In this month’s Fit for the Future article, we’ll look at how intelligent systems can streamline the capture of data required for quality management and regulatory compliance in regulated industries.

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Part 12 – Improve Operational Visibility with Modern UI

Cluttered user interfaces are like rain on a car windscreen, obscuring the most crucial information. As part of the drive to improve this issue, User Experience (UX) has replaced the term User Interface (UI) to describe visualisation methods which support users in decision-making with efficient and effective visual information.

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Microsoft Gold Partnership

Astec has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status for another year. The certification required the Astec team to pass new and challenging exams to demonstrate our commitment to the highest levels of customer care and technical proficiency.

Our Gold Partner status is a crucial pillar of our ‘IT compliant OT’ philosophy. Alignment of operational technologies with IT standards is foundational to digital transformation in the era of intelligent cloud and edge solutions. Astec has led the way in IT-centric software engineering for the complete production cycle, from delivery of raw product, scheduling and supply chain to packaging and distribution.

Andy Tripp, Managing director, commented, “It is a great achievement to pass the required exams to maintain our Microsoft Gold Partnership. The excellence demonstrated by our partnership with Microsoft is central to our mission as a system integrator. IT-centric competency is vital in the current manufacturing space. It needs to be applied with system architecture best practice to build future-fit platforms with the required data security and connectivity.”

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Part 10 – Improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase OEE

What are your most expensive resources in manufacturing? For many, it will be people, equipment, and raw materials. To be more profitable, you need to make the most of these costly elements. In this Fit for the Future series article, we’ll be looking at how to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase OEE.

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