System Integration

We work closely with our customers to ensure a successful project outcome which meets their requirements and exceeds expectations.


Every system integration challenge is different. Our ASTEC methodology ensures excellent results above and beyond expectations, from your first ambitions to project consolidation.


  • Close collaboration with customers to ensure whatever we propose will be the best fit for the customer
  • Immersed in project ambitions and clear from the start
  • Highlight key outcomes and expectations, plus any additional consequential gains or improvements
  • Using IT/OT skills to ensure greatest longevity
  • Minimal custom code


  • Outline best solution architecture based on customer ambition
  • Ensure as much use of product as possible
  • Exploit industry standards as far as possible
  • Look to other projects to repeat success and minimise risk
  • Clearly define the solution to be delivered and agree this with the customer


  • Build solution according to design
  • Agile & Waterfall delivery steps
  • Iterative configuration and deployment
  • Collaborative process and feedback from customer


  • Rapid deployment to minimise downtime
  • Extensive testing ensures painless commissioning
  • Maximise project benefits


  • Ensure excellence
  • Flexible support and maintenance
  • Identify any next steps for further improvement projects

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