Legacy System Migration

Capitalise on your existing software investment and minimise business risk

Communication and IT systems are rapidly evolving. Automation and monitoring systems, on the other hand, remain unchanged for decades due to their critical nature and complexity. Because of this, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities can arise.

Low-cost solution for capitalising on your investments

With aging systems comes a host of problems. From cyber-security vulnerabilities to inefficiencies faced by legacy software in the face of a rapidly changing IT environment make an upgrade to iFIX a great investment.

Your operation is fit for the future with Astec Solutions

FIX32 Migration

Ready for an upgrade?

The FIX32 SCADA system (originally provided by Intellution and latterly by GE Intelligent Platforms) and the Mitsubishi MX32 OEM version have not been developed since 1999 but are still widely used by manufacturers globally. Therefore, it is highly unlikely they will be compatible with modern operating systems and supporting infrastructure components. Upgrades and patches will no longer be available.

A migration from FIX32 or MX32 to iFIX using Astec’s proven migration tools and services can be a painless, low risk, low cost and rapid solution. iFIX is proven and reliable technology benefiting from a strong future product development roadmap. It is fully supported and is compatible with the latest operating systems and computer hardware. This significantly reduces risk compared with a legacy system in the event of a software or hardware failure.

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Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX product information:

PLC Obsolescence

It’s time to retire your obsolete PLCs.

Upgrading PLCs can be an entirely pain-free process. These replacements can even be iterative, meaning you can upgrade as little as one PLC at a time and in doing so create an inventory of spares for your other units.

The benefits when introducing a modern platform are:


Widely available spares

Asset 1grey

Product guaranteed with a manufacturer warranty

Asset 2grey

Modern connectivity protocols and CPUs 

Asset 3grey

Smaller physical footprint in your plant


Greatly reduced power consumption

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