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We provide a range of Industrial IoT, MES/MOM, Automation & Control and System Architecture solutions to many of the world’s leading Manufacturing, Utilities and Broadcasting companies, helping them to improve their operations and strengthen their market position.


Industrial IoT

Driving Digital Transformation through Smart Manufacturing.

Industrial IoT and analytics solutions are transforming the manufacturing process up and down the value chain. By creating real-time visibility, you can empower your plant operatives make data driven decisions.


Bridge the gap between management and the shop floor

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, businesses are looking at technology to help them deliver faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively to meet customers’ growing demands.

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Monitoring and Control

Automation & Control

Our Automation & Control solutions are designed to provide actionable insights to optimise your operation.

We combine our deep technical knowledge and significant vertical market experience to develop process control and SCADA solutions that streamline our customers’ operations.


Get a clearer picture of your efficiency

To stay competitive in today’s market, facing today’s challenges, an aggressive approach to operational improvement is required. OEE is a powerful route to identifying profitable short and long term measures which drive continuous improvement in manufacturing.


Batch Execution

Enable lean, just-in-time manufacturing

By adhering to industry standards such as S88 and S95, our expert team provides batch control systems which are highly supportable, flexible and efficient to provide rapid change over and cycling.

Predictive Maintenance

Minimise downtime and maximise investment value.

Analysing rich data from sources across your operation provides a multitude of benefits. Downtime is reduced through key markers of equipment behaviour. Machine learning enables accurate reporting on component lifecycles to provide an accurate and reliable overview the condition of your equipment.


Management Information Systems

Gain agility in management and make better, data-driven decisions.

Intelligent dashboards allow access to detailed, real-time information from across your entire operation. A tailored dashboard puts your business priorities front and centre to save valuable time that would otherwise be wasted sifting through large volumes of insignificant data.

Augmented Reality

Develop operator skillsets, effective remote support and retain expert knowledge

Access and develop a new generation of operators who are at home in the new environment digital transformation brings to manufacturing. Reduce training costs whilst increasing speed, efficiency and accuracy alongside practical applications for routine tasks, support and maintenance.


Scheduling Solutions

Reduce labour costs, optimise capacity and increase revenue

Create and maintain dynamic, accurate and effective production schedules based on resource availability and asset capacity. Powerful scheduling tools enable quick, informed decision making. Balance the impact of schedule changes and optimise resource allocation and delivery to manage cost and deliver excellent customer service.

Resilient Architectures

Leading the way in IT-centric system design.

Cutting edge System Architecture design underpins the quality of Astec implementations, with deep domain and product expertise making the difference between a middle-of-the-road solution and an extraordinary one.

Resilient Architecture

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