Backup Management Service 

Secure your operation with our flexible service for ultimate peace of mind

Flexible, trusted and robust

Our Backup Management Service offers protection for your critical systems and data, assuring continuity for your operation in the face of hardware failure or operator error.

Astec’s proprietary service is configured and deployed by our expert team to ensure a seamless fit with your individual requirements.

Operational security

The unexpected can spell trouble for any operation, especially for highly configured, specific systems such as your manufacturing operation. Our Backup Management Service presents a flexible solution entirely customisable to your needs.

Should you experience operator error or hardware failure causing data loss, our Backup Management Service allows you to get back up and running. Astec keeps your data exactly where it should be – under your control. Backup to multiple locations with storage options ranging from Azure Cloud to a local server.


Secure your operation against the unforeseen with Astec’s Backup Management Service

Ready for a rainy day

Prevent costly downtime, data loss and mitigate cyber-security threats

Our Backup Management Service ensures your operation can return to full capacity in the face of unexpected challenges


Running legacy systems? Hardware failure becomes more likely as your operation ages.

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Portrait of Facility Operator Controls Workshop Production Line, Uses Computer with Screens Showing Complex UI of Machine Operation Processes, Controllers

Operator error can cause confusion or loss of data. Backups retain your crucial configurations.

Computer Hacked, System Error, Virus, Cyber attack, Malware Concept. Danger Symbol. 3d rendering.

Ransomware attacks can cripple an organisation. Properly secured backups provide a solution.

Take control with our flexible solution

Configurable retention periods allow for the collection and storage of critical data without the need for ever-expanding storage space. Coupled with this feature is customisable scheduling, allowing for back ups to take place when it makes sense for your operation.

The process is entirely configured by our expert team, taking onboard your current system architecture and your requirements for business continuity contingencies.

This flexible approach allows for a low-cost and light-weight solution, adding an extra layer of protection to your systems without the need for a complete overhaul.

Supported by experts, gain security in the face of uncertainty with our Backup Management Service

Resolve ransomware attacks

With properly managed and secured backups, you can mitigate the growing threat of malicious encryption


Ransomware is a serious threat to your business

Outcomes at a glance

  • Reassurance that systems can be restored in case of disruption

  • Resolve ransomware attacks

  • Mitigate the threat of hardware failure

  • Flexible scheduling to fit in with your operation

  • Control where your data is backed up

  • Set your retention periods for efficient backup storage

  • Keep your operation working at optimal level should operator error occur

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