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Bridge the gap between enterprise systems and the shop floor to significantly improve production performance

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Manufacturing fit for the future

Gain and maintain a competitive edge and mitigate regulation changes and rising costs with Astec. Manufacturing Execution systems improve visibility, reduce unplanned downtime, increase production quality and provide traceability.

Find your flow

MES is all about flows within a manufacturing environment – planning flows, execution flows and monitoring flows.

Manufacturing Execution Systems are at the heart of production operations, managing manufacturing systems and collecting crucial production information. They integrate with equipment, controllers and enterprise business applications. Although MES solutions used to operate as a self-contained system, they can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The result is complete visibility, control and manufacturing optimisation – from order placing, production inception, and process control to product output.

Your operation, optimised. MES is a crucial platform today, tomorrow and for the future

Meet challenges with MES

What’s holding your operation back?

MES allows you to meet manufacturing challenges head on. Discover, diagnose and resolve issues and unlock the full potential of your operation.

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Too much downtime?

Manufacturing cycle time, paperwork, lead-time and work-in-process all mean a reduction in time better spent elsewhere in your operation. MES reduces or eliminates these concerns with smarter scheduling and traceability to optimise uptime and enable accurate records to be utilised for analytical and regulatory purposes.

Inconsistent quality?

Without MES, diagnosing quality issues is a considerable undertaking. The vision afforded with a modern platform, configured and installed by our expert team, enables these issues to be accurately identified with easily interpreted and actionable data.

MES empowers your operators to take positive steps without the need for ongoing and costly investigations.

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Lacking profitability?

Integrating your shop floor systems to your enterprise-level platforms provides a clear picture of your operation. With this vision comes the ability to accurately track and manage your profitability through inventory management and quality assurance. Gather information from every level of your operation, from machinery to your personnel, for a true 360-degree awareness to run every process more profitably.

Take control, from raw materials to finished and shipped products.

Too much waste?

Reducing wastage is a often a task tied to efficiency. With MES, your operators will be able to diagnose and target equipment deviating from tolerance and resolve the issue with actionable data.

MES empowers your operators to take positive steps with verified data to reduce their workload while improving their efficiency.

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MES improves manufacturing outcomes and unlocks the full potential of your operation.

The benefits are wide ranging.

Benefits at a glance

Reduces manufacturing cycle time

Automated data entry by data connections to machines

Reduces work-in-process

Reduces or eliminates paperwork

Reduces lead times

Improves product quality

Improved availability by preventive maintenance

Empowers plant operations people

Improves the planning process

Improves customer service

Reduces setup costs, wait times and downtimes

More reliable and precise sequence planning

Empowers plant operations people

Capabilities you’ll gain with MES

Greater visibility, information and control

MES takes your operation to the next level. Gain capabilities which grant you control and 360-degree vision.



MES provides tailored management tools for monitoring, tracking and control. Management reporting is configured by our expert team to provide you with the relevant data for your individual needs. Process and exemptions are handled through MES to provide an efficient pipeline and a flexible management platform. Product tracking and genealogy is also provided, enabling key oversight and data retention for analytical or regulatory purposes.


Alleviating paperwork with automated data collection means your data will no longer take time and resources to gather and will remain easily accessible. The benefits range from regulatory control to undertaking key analytical work. While previously analytical work would be time consuming and requiring input from data scientists or retaining data science skills within your work force, MES produces easily understood reports and actionable data. This allows for performance analysis to be performed by your operators, empowering them with greater access to information.

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Without MES, diagnosing quality issues and reducing wastage is a considerable undertaking. The vision afforded with a modern platform, configured and installed by our expert team, enables these issues to be accurately identified with easily interpreted and actionable data.

MES empowers your operators to take positive steps without the need for ongoing and costly investigations.

Capabilities at a glance

Resource Allocation and Status

Operation/Detail Scheduling

Dispatching Production Unit

Document Control

Automated Data Collection

Labour Management

Testing and Quality Management

Process Management

Exception Management


Tailored Management Reporting

Product Tracking and Genealogy

Performance Analysis

Why partner with Astec for MES?



Astec have driven innovation in the manufacturing industry for over 21 years. We have a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries, integrating Management Execution Systems to deliver operational improvements.

The close collaboration between Astec and strategic partners enables the creation of cutting-edge solutions and platforms to fuel your businesses profitability and growth. We’re delighted to be partnered with truly world-class software vendors, including GE Digital, PTC and Microsoft



Astec have achieved certification in ISO 27001. Compliance with this standard ensures the security of your information and data. We implement robust security policies as standard, with secure access management for peace of mind when exchanging information.

With systems becoming increasingly integrated, Astec delivers a 360-degree approach to secure machines, data, and analytics. We only make use of trusted cloud offerings which comply with the latest security standards.



Deployment is not the end of your contact with Astec. We are committed to ensuring your success and business continuity.

We have a range of flexible and affordable support plans which provide offer technical support and ongoing system maintenance. Our customer service team have the experience and knowledge to ensure your systems run smoothly and in the event of any unexpected system failure, will have you back up and running with minimum downtime and disruption.

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