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In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, businesses are looking at technology to help them deliver faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively to meet customers’ growing demands. As regulations become increasingly stringent and with the cost of raw materials continually rising, the only way for manufacturers to maintain margins is to work smarter and implement an MES.

What is an MES

MES is all about flows within a manufacturing environment – planning flows, execution flows and monitoring flows.

Manufacturing Execution Systems collect multiple plants’ production information. They integrate with equipment, controllers and enterprise business applications. Although MES solutions are used to operate as a self-contained system, they can be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The result is complete visibility, control and manufacturing optimisation – from order placing, production inception, and process control to product output.

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Key Benefits

The key benefits of running a fully automated MES are that you as the manufacturer can expect significant improvements in bottom line profitability, on time delivery, and better quality products. On a more granular basis, you can see improvements in the following key metrics:

·         Reduces manufacturing cycle time ·         Empowers plant operations people
·         Automated data entry by data connections to machines ·         Improves the planning process
·         Reduces work-in-process ·         Improves customer service
·         Reduces or eliminates paperwork ·         Reduces setup costs, wait times and downtimes
·         Reduces lead times ·         More reliable and precise sequence planning
·         Improves product quality ·         Empowers plant operations people
·         Improved availability by preventive maintenance

Key Capabilities

In order to utilise the key capabilities of an automated MES, it needs to include all the critical functions performed on the shop floor. When deciding on a system it should include the following functions as a minimum:

·         Resource Allocation and Status ·         Process Management
·         Operation/Detail Scheduling ·         Exception Management
·         Dispatching Production Unit ·         Maintenance
·         Document Control ·         Tailored Management Reporting
·         Automated Data Collection ·         Product Tracking and Genealogy
·         Labour Management ·         Performance Analysis
·         Testing and Quality Management

Security and Compliance

With everything connected, security is paramount to us. Astec Soloutions delivers a 360 degree approach to securely connect machines, data, and analytics to improve operational efficiency.

We only use trusted cloud offerings which meet the latest compliance and security standards. These are regularly checked through external reviews and audits and follow one common framework, including data security and privacy regulations, worldwide.

Why Partner with Astec Solutions for MES

Astec Solutions have been in business nearly 20 years and have been driving innovation in the manufacturing industry from the start. Our core capabilities include industrial IoT, MES/MOM, SCADA, Batch Execution, Workflow and reporting solutions. We are now one of the leading system integrators in the UK, a status we work hard to keep. We work with strategic partners such as GE Digital, PTC and Microsoft to deliver proven cutting edge technology.

When you engage Astec Solutions you benefiting from not only from our expert knowledge of software development and IT systems, but also a dedicated support desk and field service team; something which sets Astec Solutions apart from other integrators.

Support Services

Good customer support matters. Great customer support sets you apart. Our objective is to take you into a position where you never need to contact our support services. However it is still reassuring to know that when you need us, our highly skilled support professionals will ensure you are up and running again as quickly as possible.

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