Power Under One Brand

Astec IT Solutions Limited has joined the Novotek family.

Since Astec’s founding over two decades ago, we’ve enjoyed a very close relationship with GE and have become widely known as a system integrator that delivers high-quality solutions, provides value for money, and supports the future growth of our customers.

In 2006, we became, and have remained, the only active Premier Solution Partner for GE in the UK. This unique position demonstrates our experience, dedication, and depth of knowledge of the GE brand.

During this time, we’ve worked extremely closely with the incumbent GE channel partner to the mutual benefit of our customers. Our goal is always minimum customisation and maximum product implementation. Our approach increases the longevity of the systems we deploy, which in turn has earned us many loyal customers – something for which we are incredibly proud.

Since 2017, Novotek has been the UK channel partner for GE after acquiring Kerrco Automation, bringing a 36-year pedigree to the UK market in product sales and expertise. Novotek employs over 150 people with offices in Scandinavia, Benelux, Switzerland, the UK and Ireland.

During our ongoing collaboration, it became increasingly clear that bringing the two businesses together would provide more power under one brand and deliver many benefits to customers, owing to the combined expertise of the Astec team and the Novotek family.

As such, Astec IT Solutions Limited has become Novotek Solutions UK & Ireland Limited. For customers, this provides a one-stop shop for support throughout the entire system lifecycle, from solution selection right through to support and maintenance of delivered projects.

Driving additional value is at the core of the new combined entity, flowing through sales, implementation, and customer service to the GE install base now and in the future.

For many years, customers have dealt with both organisations for purchasing software and solutions. Now, one team can handle this entire process from end to end for even better customer care and confidence.






Astec IT Solutions joins the Novotek family

We are excited to announce that Astec IT Solutions Limited is joining the Novotek family.

Novotek has been a key partner of Astec in our delivery of GE software & solutions since the 2000s. This close relationship has continued to strengthen over the years and lately it has become clear that a joint company would deliver more power and value for our customers under one brand.