Bridging the communication gap to reach Industry 4.0

The design, development, and manufacture of a new electric vehicle (EV) is a time consuming and costly operation. The vehicle itself needs to be developed on a digital drawing board before a prototype must be designed and go through extensive feasibility testing. Even if you are working at a relatively rapid pace, this process could take months at the least to be completed. The next stage is to develop custom pressing tools before mass production can begin and once you have started up your production line, any tweak to the design or change in hardware can be costly, potentially setting a project back weeks and months.

What if you could undergo this entire process at a much faster speed, reduce traditional development times up to 90% and incur just one tenth of the usual investments in factory and production technology? Sound impossible? The majority of articles you will read around the topic of Industry 4.0 will probably tell you that’s it not. They’ll probably tell you that it can be achieved – but they’ll probably tell you that the manufacturing industry is 10-20 years away from this being a reality – not this article.

For that’s exactly what German e-mobility start-up e.GO has achieved with its unique urban EV which weighs less than 900 kilos and is just three-and-a-half metres long. What makes this project so significant is the use of Industry 4.0 manufacturing methods which enabled agile production with relatively low capital investment.

Bridging the gap

On the face of it, e.GO has the same manufacturing software available to it as any other business and is an avid user of systems for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAQ (Computer Aided Quality Management) amongst other things. However, too often software, machinery and equipment are operated in isolation, making it a challenge for plant managers to identify any loopholes affecting production. While data may be collected and analysed from disparate systems, rarely if ever is it pooled together to present one holistic view of the production environment, bridging the communication gap that is so far holding up Industry 4.0 progression.

e.Go adopted the Elisa Smart Factory solution to overcome this challenge and streamline the production process. The solution obtains data from various sources, analyses it in real-time and optimises it to identify any potential problems or production bottlenecks. It can then perform predictive maintenance or predictive failure detection. The next step is to use this newly created virtual data lake to create a digital twin of the production environment. The twin can be used to make real-time decisions affecting logistics and process optimisation driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), helping e.GO reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Streamlining complex operations

For e.GO, this bridge in device communication is essential to operating a complex production line in the leanest and most effective way possible. The company follows a multi-stage production process which is carried out in discrete steps, with the final end product having significant quality variations.

By creating a digital twin of the factory, the company is able to perform more advanced traceability, connecting process measurement data to individual projects, with Elisa Smart Factory utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to more accurately forecast outcomes and establish the best operational processes for the production line. This enables e.GO to flex and adjust production as it needs, without incurring significant extra costs and extending production times.

For many across manufacturing, true realisation of Industry 4.0 is still considered some time away, with lots of businesses still operating labour-intensive, manual processes to plug the gaps in shopfloor communication. However, as e.GO’s use of Elisa Smart Factory demonstrates, bridging the gap can not only drive efficiencies and production improvement, it can also significantly accelerate time-to-market, even for upcoming challenger brands.

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Press Release: RTV Rijnmond selects iBroadcast as Broadcast Network Management System

IBC, Amsterdam, 15th September 2015

iBroadcast delivers Rijnmond CTOs vision of a single solution to manage equipment and business performance

Astec, the vendors of iBroadcast, a leading end to end, multi-vendor Network Management System for the broadcast, cable, IPTV, satellite, telecommunications and other sectors are delighted to announce that RTV Rijnmond have selected iBroadcast as their Network Management System to support their strategy of reducing cost by extending the life-cycle of equipment. iBroadcast will help mitigate the associated risks and provide an early warning for service-affecting issues and fulfil their business requirements for monitoring the overall performance of their operation.

The system will not only monitor equipment from numerous vendors but will check the performance of business critical systems such as transcoding processes. It will also enable Rijnmond to react quickly and maintain their production processes whilst providing a high degree of proactive management to anticipate and overcome impending issues.

The system will be implemented by D&MS, an iBroadcast channel partner and reseller who will provide configuration services and local implementation support to Rijnmond.

Chris Barlow, Technical Director of Astec reported, “We are delighted that RTV Rijnmond has selected iBroadcast as their multi-vendor Network Management System and we look forward to supporting D&MS as they help Rijnmond them realise their goal of an umbrella management system capable of presenting real-time performance data to their operations team. They evaluated a number of potential solutions and we are pleased they selected iBroadcast for this important role. We are committed to helping them improve their operations and to continue to provide exceptional service to their customers.”

Tom Dalderup, Chief Technical Officer of RTV Rijnmond added, “For many years I considered that a Broadcast Network Management System was something that was nice to have and although I understood the benefits that such a system could deliver, there was never a significant business reason to implement such a system. We looked at several systems and compared costs and capabilities and decided to implement iBroadcast because of its ability to aggregate data from the supervision and element management systems which we already had. It also aggregates data from many departments and present that data through a simple graphical user interface which could be understood by all our staff.”

About Astec
Astec is a leading supplier of network management and monitoring and control solutions to customers throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Astec strives to improve the operational effectiveness and profitability for customers by delivering specialist management, production, reporting and monitoring and control information technology solutions.

About RTV Rijnmond
RTV Rijnmond is a public broadcast organisation for the Rijnmond region of the Netherlands. The organisation comes from Radio Rijnmond, founded in 1983, and TV Rijnmond which is added to the organisation in 2000. RTV Rijnmond is a public service broadcaster. Their goal is to reach the widest possible audience within the rejuvenating, multicultural and internationally oriented area. RTV Rijnmond represents actual, independent, reliable, accessible, entertaining and varied. More than 85 FTEs and a large network of freelancers work daily on various programs.

About D&MS
Digital & Media Solutions (D&MS) is an internationally operating system integrator and partner with a versatile portfolio of professional audio- and video-equipment. D&MS services a broad range of mainly facilitating companies in the radio- and television industry, regional broadcasting corporations, theatres and cinemas, governmental institutions and companies. D&MS designs, plans and builds studios, outside broadcast vans (OBV’s), boardrooms and audio-visual layouts for, amongst others, cinemas and theatres throughout the whole of Europe.

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Astec exhibiting at IBC 2015, stand 4.A61f

Astec will be exhibiting again at the IBC show, Amsterdam RAI from 11th-15th September 2015. Visit us at stand 4.A61f to see how iBroadcast, the most comprehensive, scalable Network Management System (NMS) in the market today, can help streamline the most complex broadcast operations.

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Astec to showcase iBroadcast at Broadcast Asia 2015, Stand 5E1-02

Astec are delighted to announce their attendance at Broadcast Asia 2015 to continue the global release of iBroadcast 2015.

Astec, the vendors of iBroadcast, a leading end to end, multi-vendor Network Management System for the broadcast, cable, IPTV, satellite, telecommunications and other sectors are pleased to announce that they will be attending Broadcast Asia 2015 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore as they introduce iBroadcast 2015 to the Asia Pacific market.

iBroadcast is capable of monitoring and controlling equipment from any vendor and provides real-time equipment status and alarms, trending, root cause analysis, alarm correlation, automation, equipment control, advanced workflow, web-based reporting and much, much more. iBroadcast aggregates data from equipment, systems and services across your platform and enables issues to be rapidly detected, diagnosed and overcome. Across studios, MCRs, playout systems, glue, headends, uplinks, terrestrial transmitters, IT infrastructure, building management systems, etc. and many other third-party applications, iBroadcast is designed to be the single, consolidated, real-time operational dashboard and is trusted by the world’s leading broadcasters.

Chris Barlow, Technical Director of Astec said of the announcement, “We are working incredibly hard to launch iBroadcast 2015 across the globe as we recognise the significant benefits that iBroadcast can bring to our customers. Asia Pacific is an extremely important geography for our overall business strategy and we look forward to showcasing our latest product benefits and features to our new and existing customers and partners in the region. So far we have been overwhelmed with the level of interest shown in iBroadcast 2015 which underlines our philosophy of empowering our customers to take control of their operations.”

About Astec
Astec is a leading supplier of network management and monitoring and control solutions to customers throughout Europe and North America. Astec strives to improve the operational effectiveness and profitability for customers by delivering specialist management, production, reporting, and monitoring and control information technology solutions.


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