Vuforia Chalk

Empower your expert operators, engineers and technicians to leverage their knowledge more efficiently

Can your operation benefit?

Vuforia Chalk offers a low-weight, low-cost solution to reaping the rewards of AR in the manufacturing industry

Access better communication

Available on public app stores, or via the web app that requires no install, getting started with Chalk is quick and easy. Scale your problem solving resources across your entire operation with powerful 3D annotations to improve safety and efficiency while promoting best practice.

AR collaboration tools provide value quickly, with simple set up and an intuitive user experience.

Empower your experts and leverage their knowledge with Vuforia Chalk

A second pair of eyes

Powerful technology

Chalk brings together Vuforia’s computer vision and real-time audio and video into a single application. Providing unparalleled collaboration, experts and technicians can work side by side at a moment’s notice from remote locations.

Accurate environment mapping allows annotations to “stick” to objects in the work space, even if technicians move around or turn their device away. Precision and accuracy ensure better communication between users for effective instructions and guidance.

Team sessions

Bring expertise to bear

Include up to five team members on a single Chalk session to bring about a rapid resolution to the issues facing your operation. Real-time collaboration across your operation ensures the right know-how is available when and where it’s needed, reducing the need for travel or extended diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Intuitive user experience


Available through public app stores, the Vuforia Chalk app will work on devices already in your operators’ pockets. Simple to install and easy to get started, you can begin undertaking remote support minutes after installing the app.


No download required, the Vuforia Chalk Web App mimics the functionality of the mobile app, providing a comfortable and robust solution for expert remote support from an office environment.


Reduce Travel Costs

Increase Uptime

Safety & Best Practice

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Faster Time to Repair

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