Manufacturing Execution Systems

Bridge the gap between management and the shop floor

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, businesses are looking at technology to help them deliver faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively to meet customers’ growing demands. As regulations become increasingly stringent and with the cost of raw materials continually rising, the only way for manufacturers to maintain margins is to work smarter.

An MES controls the flow of information between people and assets to deliver high quality manufacturing at low cost. Recipes can downloaded automatically for a consistent standards-based approach, correct use of raw materials and equipment set up. Real time quality monitoring ensures off-spec product is prevented from entering the supply chain, and continuous performance monitoring supports maximum throughput and availability. Through fully digitising processes, the data can be used to drive continuous improvement initiatives and identify the root cause of issues on and around the production line.

By bridging the gap between management and the shop floor, MES provides you with the accurate, real-time production data you need to make informed business decisions.

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