We provide a range of real-time, data-driven solutions to industries such as broadcasting, food and beverage, CPG, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater, oil and gas, power generation and others. We work with many of the world’s leading companies to improve their operations and help strengthen their market position.

Monitoring & Control

Our monitoring and control solutions are designed to provide actionable information to optimise your operation.

Automation Solutions

We combine our deep technical knowledge and significant vertical market experience to develop automation solutions that streamline our customers operations.

Batch Execution Systems

Our batch execution and control solutions are designed to maximise the potential of your plant without expensive capital outlay.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, businesses are looking at technology to help them deliver faster and more cost effectively to meet customers’ growing demands.

Virtualisation & Resilient Architectures

The higher return on investment from virtualisation is driving migration of operational technologies to virtual platforms

Cyber Security

Secure, multi-layered defense for your operational systems

FIX32 Migration

Capitalise on your existing software investment by upgrading legacy systems. A FIX32 migration to iFIX is a low risk way to future-proof your system.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

Bolster your performance-to-plan while reducing production cost with finite capacity scheduling. Optimise and balance the impact of schedule changes.

Some of our clients

Reckitt Benckiser