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Empowering operators to make informed decisions

We connect your data sources, reveal insights from complex data and make it easy for everyone to understand.

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Transforming the way you run your factory

We provide innovative manufacturing companies with an Industrial IoT solution that helps make better decisions, increase productivity, and save time and money.

Improve yield smart factory

Increase yield

Ensure quality consistency, reduce waste and increase throughput by tracking quality metrics across the shop floor. Our solution predicts and prevents production waste by identifying areas of loss and prescribing focused actions that reduce product defects and inefficiencies.

Reduce costs

By integrating ERP and manufacturing data for more accurate demand forecasts, companies can reduce inventories by avoiding overproduction as well as avoid insufficient inventory.

Reduce costs smart factory
Increase Productivity smart factory

Increase productivity

Make your technicians more productive. With a mobile-first application, you can approve and assign tasks from your desktop or mobile and eliminate your team’s unnecessary trips to the control room and back to the equipment.

Reduce downtime

Predict the probability of asset failure and optimise maintenance and repair schedules to minimise disruptions and extend the life of assets. Predictive analytics detects asset anomalies and helps prevent problems before they happen.

Engineer hand using tablet, automation robot arm machine in smart factory with tablet real time vibration analysis monitoring system application for check motor failure. Industry 4th sensor concept.
Enhance Quality

Enhance quality

Accelerate your time to market by predicting and preventing quality issues. With predictive quality analytics, you will quickly identify root causes for the issues, allowing you to weed them out by making right changes to specs.

Increase OEE

As your visibility increases, extend Elisa Smart Factory into planning, production and logistics around the factory processes. Combining data from your ERP and MES systems helps increase operational efficiency.

Increase OEE

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