Modern monitoring and control to support operator decision making and reduce downtime

Intuitive & efficient control

With a heritage in creating SCADA systems which stretches back 21 years, Astec continues to develop best practice and deploy solutions to the latest industry standards. High-performance visualisations enables your operators to access valuable information and take decisive actions.

User experience

Establishing efficient monitoring and control for your operators the key to their success. For 21 years, Astec has taken an innovative approach to SCADA, closely following industry standards. Every operation is different, and the challenges presented by such diversity require a bespoke approach. By providing clean, clear data and information, whilst retaining the ability to dive deeper into high levels of detail, we can allow your operators to spend less time analysing and take decisive action.

Get set for success with Astec SCADA

Decision support

During abnormal events your operators may have to search for information. Modern SCADA can present evidence in the event of the unexpected, vastly reducing the time required to diagnose and solve issues.

SCADA Screens

High performance displays.

Clear and concise, dive into a high-level of detail.

Maintenance engineers

Eliminate operator overload.

Relevant information, trends and actionable evidence.

Standard Quality Control Certification Assurance Guarantee Concept.

Industry standards.


Outcomes at a glance

  • Modern best practice displays with decision support

  • Flexible system architecture, tailored to your operation

  • Integrated SCADA tied to IT domain

  • Intuitive user experience supporting operator efficiency

  • Industry-standard SCADA

  • Reduce or eliminate operator overload

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