Enterprise Reporting Dashboard

The Enterprise Reporting Dashboard sits at the heart of iBroadcast and provides vital operational intelligence and key performance indicators.

The Enterprise Reporting Dashboard is presented via a web-browser and enables users to drill-down into the detail of the high-level dashboard to pin-point areas of concern without having to analyse volumes of data. The data from reports may be exported directly to common file formats such as PDF, CSV, XLS, etc.

Our experience of working with some of the largest global broadcasters has enabled us to produce an ‘out of the box’ set of standard reports which will exceed the requirements of the majority of broadcasters. Of course, because this is an iBroadcast solution, the configuration of custom, tailor-made reports is incredibly straightforward, providing an unparalleled overview of your operational performance. The standard Enterprise Reporting Dashboard reports include:-

System Performance Reporting

Ensuring that you are in control at all times, the System Performance report provides a real-time snapshot of the status of the overall platform, including the overall service uptime and list of specific services and their associated uptime. Instant analysis of the overall performance of the system highlights any individual services that may be contributing to any under-performance so that you can quickly take the appropriate action to maintain your high quality service.

Service Performance Reporting

The Service Performance report shows the status of each individual service being monitored by iBroadcast so that the source of any issues can be quickly diagnosed, allowing you to rectify critical issues. A drill-down capability provides access to additional data to highlight the individual devices that are underperforming.

Device Performance Reporting

The Device Performance report shows the status of any individual device monitored by iBroadcast and outlines all alarms and service interruptions, along with the detail associated with each interruption. This report is especially useful for understanding what may be affecting the performance of a device.

Alarm Analysis Reporting

Analyse in detail all of the alarms and service interruptions captured by the system. The presentation of data can be contextualised against systems, services and devices in a format that allows simple analysis. Reach out across your broadcast estate via powerful report filters designed to enable your team to query specific data associated with sites, services, alarm severity, device, etc. You will be able to understand any system issues and identify any relationships between alarms or service interruptions captured by the system.