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SmartStart is a unique solution accelerator supporting our philosophy that iBroadcast® was designed to be owned and managed by our customers. In essence, it is a full service package designed to empower you to get your new iBroadcast network monitoring and control solution off the ground quickly.

When you buy an iBroadcast system and want to take ownership for configuring the software and server, you now have the option to purchase the following services as an integrated package for a fixed cost:

  • System Configuration
  • Training
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Aftersales Support

Simply buy the SmartStart™ package that best meets your operational and budgetary needs and we will assemble the package accordingly. For broadcasters in a dynamic, fast moving environment where cost is a critical consideration, it provides a complete turnkey answer.

Fully transparent pricing and complete clarity of the services you will receive, are all provided at an affordable cost and are easily accessible because it is as simple as buying credits on a mobile phone!

SmartStart is available for both iBroadcast ONE – the new ‘Networking Management System in a box’ and for the full iBroadcast product.

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