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Human performance in operational control rooms is directly related to the layout and presentation of information within computerised systems.

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For iBroadcast, we have developed a next generation user interface which offers a radical redesign of the presentation of information to operators using our world class network management system.

In a broadcasting environment, reducing the time required to detect, respond, diagnose and overcome an issue can have a direct correlation to your company’s performance.

In developing the new user interface we have looked to provide a minimalist approach to promote operator understanding and situational awareness without information overload. Use of graphical objects is preferred to text to reduce screen clutter but only where the information can be interpreted more efficiently than it would if text were used.

In addition, we recognise the value that data can bring to an operator so we provide all of the relevant information required for them to be effective at their fingertips.


  • Minimalist design to promote operator understanding and situational awareness
  • Consistent use of objects and colours to reduce cognitive workload and quickly draw attention to abnormal events
  • Multiple methods of navigation to improve screen transition and promotes navigation through muscle memory
  • Representative layout of broadcast workflows provide operators with a model of the process, showing relationships between systems and equipment in an abstracted way


  • Drive faster decisions and responses by presenting information in the most valuable and informative way
  • Summary performance data available at all levels of your operation, driving performance improvements
  • Seamless navigation hierarchy minimises the number of steps required to access the information your operators need
  • Reduces the time to respond to abnormal conditions and streamlines decision making to restore normal operation as quickly as possible

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