iBroadcast ONE

iBroadcast ONE is ‘Network Management System in a box’ and has been developed with OB trucks, post-production units, regional and independent broadcasters and third party service providers in mind.

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Where rapid deployment and reduced configuration time are crucial, iBroadcast ONE condenses the unrivalled capability of iBroadcast onto a single server to provide stand-alone monitoring and control.

Our aim is to satisfy the market need for a solution that is quick and easy to deploy and can be owned and managed by our customers. With iBroadcast ONE we have created a unique and affordable solution which makes implementing a Network Management System accessible to all broadcasters – irrespective of size, location or domain.

iBroadcast ONE is packaged and shipped ready to use so that it can be quickly connected to a network and configured to monitor and control the customer’s equipment from Astec’s library of available drivers. This really is ‘plug and play’ for Network Management Systems and is a step-change in broadcast monitoring and control solutions.

For details on how to get started with iBroadcast ONE together with our SmartStart solution accelerator services program, click here.


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