iBroadcast Benefits

iBroadcast provides a single, consolidated, real-time KPI dashboard which puts you in complete control of your operation.

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The resulting value to your organisation of being able to make informed decisions with confidence, will be highly tangible as will the savings you will experience from a lower overall total cost of ownership.

One iBroadcast customer has seen an increase in availability to 99.9984% since its installation. That equates to less than 8.5 minutes/year of downtime, resulting in significant improvements to their bottom line results!

iBroadcast delivers the following benefits:

  • Low overall total cost of ownership
  • Scalable, cross vendor solutions monitoring 1000s of devices
  • Increased availability, improve legislative compliance and excel in customer satisfaction
  • Rapid identification, interpretation and resolution of equipment and service issues
  • Intelligent alarms and root cause analysis for accurate issue resolution
  • Management of the most complex networks end-to-end
  • Single, consolidated, real-time operational dashboard
  • Powerful enterprise reporting and high-level dashboards
  • Powered by Proficy (with over 800,000 installations worldwide)
  • Real-Time equipment status and alarm information

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