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It's deja-vu, all over again! Quite literally an operational time machine.

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When you’ve had an operational issue, the analysis of the data after the event and a record of how your operations team responded can be critical to understanding what happened and how it was resolved. Instead of simply analysing numbers and graphs, wouldn’t it be great if you could visually observe the sequence of events that led to the issue and the actions the operators took via your network management system?

With iBroadcast’s Historical Playback feature, that is exactly what you can do. You can effectively rewind the clock to view the status of your system at any time in the past and replay and observe how events unfolded from that moment in time, in slow motion or real-time.

See the alarms that occurred, analyse the status of your equipment and view the actions that your operators took to troubleshoot issues and prevent repeat occurrences. In conjunction with the black-box flight recorder capabilities of the iBroadcast historical data storage, iBroadcast Historical Playback gives you troubleshooting and analysis capabilities unprecedented in Network Management Systems.


  • Rewind the clock to observe any previous events and the real-time data captured at the time
  • Replay in real-time or slow-motion to see how a situation unfolded and the response that was taken at the time to resolve the condition
  • Go back to any point in time where historical data is available, days, weeks or even months ago
  • Analysis of actual data to help diagnose issues, identify root causes and define actions to take to avoid future problems


  • Use data from the past to improve the diagnosis and response to critical events in the future
  • Improve training by replaying and observing scenarios from the past
  • Reduce the time taken to troubleshoot issues by visualising the actual data instead of having to interpret it
  • Define workflows for standard operating procedures based on real data and events

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