Alarm Correlation

 The alarm handling and correlation capabilities are one of the major strengths of iBroadcast.

iBroadcast can process thousands of different alarms with ease. To avoid false alarms and other anomalies wasting valuable time, iBroadcast ensures that genuine alerts are escalated quickly to enable timely, decisive action to be taken. This enables you to focus only on the warnings that matter.

Each alarm may be configured with an alarm delay that prevents the alarm from being asserted by the system unless it has been present for a specific period. This delay period is defined in the drivers for the equipment but may be adjusted by operators (subject to appropriate security privileges) at any time to allow the system to be tuned according to real-world equipment behaviour.

It is also possible to configure alarms to require a specific number of occurrences before the alarm is asserted (e.g. 10 occurrences in total) or a specific number of occurrences within a defined time period (e.g. 5 occurrences in 10 minutes). When either of these conditions is met, the alarm can be configured to assert itself with a higher severity.

Alarms also feature a dead-band or hysteresis value that prevents alarms from re-occurring if the alarm value does not change by a specific amount which can significantly reduce the chances of nuisance alarms.

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